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Since Jane Houston Jones and Morris "Mojo" Jones first moved to Monrovia in 2003 and began setting up telescopes in Old Town, they've attracted a group of fellow sidewalk astronomers who've become fast friends and every bit the true Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers.

Meet some of them here, and say hello when you meet them on the sidewalk. Feel free to join us yourself!

Astronomers at Applebee's
We love the late night hours at Applebee's after a long night at Library Park.
Dave Hasenauer
Dave Hasenauer loves taking his 18-inch out to dark skies.

Elizabeth with her 8-inch dobsonian.
Elizabeth and Catherine
Elizabeth and Catherine with Elizabeth's 8-inch dobsonian.
Gary Spiers
Gary Spiers setting up a tripod.
Girl Cluster
A cluster of astronomy girls, Elizabeth, Caroline, Catherine, Jane.
Gary, Scott, and Todd
Gary, Scott Edgington, and Todd Kunioka.
Scott Edgington
Scott Edgington at the eyepiece.
Todd Barber
Todd Barber joins us in Old Town Pasadena.
Tom and Daphne Traeger
Tom and Daphne Traeger

Caroline and Todd Kunioka
Rebecca Peterson
Becky Peterson joins us in Old Town Pasadena.
Jane Houston Jones
Jane Houston Jones
Morris Jones
Morris "Mojo" Jones


Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers