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Sidewalk Astronomers on Weekend America

Weekend America did a story on Jane, Mojo, and John Dobson for International Sidewalk Astronomy Day, May 19, 2007. The web site also features an article by Jane.

Photos from International Sidewalk Astronomy Day

A short album of photos from Myrtle and Lime in Monrovia, May 19, 2007

Jane and Mojo visit Ireland and U.K. Astronomers

Stores and photo albums from our fall excursion to Ireland and England

Glacier Point Star Party, 2006

Photos from July 21-22, 2006, with the San Jose Astronomical Association

North Rim Grand Canyon Star Party 2006

Photo album from North Rim, June 2006, with Jane, Mojo, and Barry Peckham of Litebox Telescopes

Observing the "M" Objects: 2006 report

Jane and Mojo escape to the desert for some deep sky observing

Observing Report from the 2005 Oregon Star Party

Jane's article and pictures from our excursion north of the 44th parallel.

Monrovia Photo Album

Pictures from a memorable sidewalk astronomy evening at Myrtle and Lime.

Home Is Where The Sidewalk Is

An introduction of Jane and Mojo to Southern California, originally from the May 2004 LAAS

Observing Through 60 Inches

A night at Mt. Wilson by Jane Houston Jones<

Our Sidewalk Flier — in PDF format

This is the flier we have at our telescopes for visitors.

Building a Dobsonian Telescope

Complete plans from Ray Cash and the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers

Counting meteors from the air

Observing the 2002 Leonid meteor storm with Jane and Mojo